Problem solution for sealing baths

Case study no. 4:
Stainless steel Immersion-Type heat exchanger for sealing baths


Initial situation

Sealing baths: Immersion-Type heat exchangers are the means of choice for efficient and safe heating and cooling of process baths in surface technology. Calorplast Immersion-Type heat exchangers made of high-performance plastics are usually used in aggressive baths. In aqueous processes, such as “rinsing” or “sealing”, metallic Immersion-Type heat exchangers made of stainless steel (VA) can be used. Sealing refers to the sealing of the porous oxide layer after anodizing or anodizing using hot, aqueous solutions or steam.

Although the stainless steel heat exchanger used is resistant to leachate, regular cleaning with diluted hydrochloric acid causes corrosion damage after just a few cleaning cycles.





Our customer Galvabau AG in Switzerland had the following task. The high bath temperature (approx. 98°C) and the mostly open-top tank resulted in a very high heat demand, which required large heating surfaces and large pipe cross-sections for the stainless steel heat exchangers. The coil-shaped (tubular coil) or plate-shaped (plate heat exchanger) Immersion-Type heat exchanger designs were quickly overwhelmed and a more compact solution designed for the specific application was required.



The Calorplast Calormet stainless steel Immersion-Type heat exchanger is available in V2A or V4A and is specially designed for these difficult operating conditions.




Sealing is always the final step in the anodizing process and is crucial for the weather/corrosion resistance of the aluminium.

The Calorplast stainless steel Immersion-Type heat exchanger reliably transfers the heat output and thus ensures process quality. Thanks to its extremely compact design, the required power is transmitted without colliding with the other installations in the tank.
The variable connections, even in large diameters, keep the piping simple and ensure quick installation.

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