Heat Exchanger – Vanadium Redox Flow

Vanadium-Redox-Flox-Batterien (VRFB)

Efficient temperature control of the vanadium electrolyte solution is one of the key technologies in the development and operation of vanadium redox flox batteries (VRFB). The technology is widely diversified and different concepts require a high degree of customised solutions. With CALORPLAST’s highly customisable, modular concept, all customer requirements for the cooling of battery electrolytes can be met.
The direct integration of the bath heat exchanger into the electrolyte storage system simplifies the cooling concept of the overall system and makes the battery storage system more cost-effective.

With decades of experience in the development, design and manufacture of corrosion-resistant heat exchangers, customers can rely on CALORPLAST when it comes to the temperature control of battery acids or electrolytes.
In co-operation with our experienced engineers, customised suspension, piping and connections can be designed according to customer requirements for quick installation and easy maintenance.