Biogas Heat Exchanger


Biogas from the fermentation of biomass in a digester is completely saturated and must be dried before thermal utilisation. As the gas fraction contains various concentrations of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen and other gases in addition to methane, the heat exchanger for condensation drying must meet high requirements in terms of corrosion resistance and cleanability in order to ensure safe and efficient operation.

The Calorplast biogas cooler is made entirely of corrosion-resistant polyethylene (PE), making it resistant to the aggressive substances in the biogas and perfectly suited for cleaning during short downtimes.

With CALORPLAST’s own technology, a large heat exchanger surface is realised in a minimal construction volume and the Calorplast heat exchanger is therefore significantly shorter than comparable tube bundle heat exchangers. The heat exchanger is suitable for biogas volumes of up to 1,000 m³/h and comes in a ready-to-install housing with flange connections, baffle plate, droplet separator and condensate drain. It is installed on the pressure side with an overpressure of max. 40 mbar on the gas side.

The plastic version is generally less prone to soiling and the heat exchanger can be pulled out of the side of its housing for cleaning without having to disconnect the gas pipe.

The size is selected in several performance classes depending on customer requirements and is accompanied by a computer-aided simulation. Production is then carried out according to customer requirements with all common connections to industry standards.

Calorplast biogas heat exchangers offer unique advantages and are used by discerning customers worldwide.