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CALORPLAST - modern heat exchanger solutions from a single source

Welcome to CALORPLAST a pioneering market leader in modern heat exchanger solutions. With over 40 years of experience, we have honed our expertise in developing advanced heat exchangers that redefine efficiency in various industries. From surface technology to chemicals, semiconductor technology, waste water treatment, agriculture and livestock farming, we have turned our success into the success of our customers through thousands of projects.




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Committed to excellence

Our quality standards

Our commitment to excellence drives us to tackle challenges head on. We take on the challenges of our customers by using heat exchangers in extreme conditions. Our corrosion-resistant plastic heat exchangers embody durability, efficiency and safety. Through precise temperature control and protection of process integrity, we enable industries to hold their own even in difficult situations.

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Über CALORPLAST Wärmetechnik

Future-oriented by tradition

Our commitment

CALORPLAST is more than just a supplier of products; we are architects of integrated solutions. Our passion for innovation meets our firm commitment to sustainability and empowers industries to not only evolve but also improve their environmental footprint. As we continue our tradition, we invite you to experience the future of heat transfer with CALORPLAST – where innovation and reliability come together for a better, more efficient future.

Holistic approach

We not only supply products, but also develop integrated solutions according to your individual process requirements.

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We support you in optimizing processes and conserving resources - for sustainable success.

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Future orientation

We produce components whose service life extends far into the future - as a combination of innovation and reliability.

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