Landfill leachate problem solution

Case study no. 1: Landfill leachate


Initial situation

The landfill water from the landfill leachate treatment plant of the Neuwied district administration must be tempered before it enters the biological treatment stage. Although the water is not corrosive, it causes stubborn incrustations on the heat exchanger which can only be cleaned with diluted hydrochloric acid.

Although the stainless steel heat exchanger used is resistant to the seepage water, regular cleaning with diluted hydrochloric acid causes corrosion damage after just a few cleaning cycles.




The stainless steel heat exchanger is to be replaced with a fully corrosion-resistant heat exchanger that is fitted into the existing piping system.



The Calorplast shell and tube heat exchanger made of polyethylene (PE) is made entirely of corrosion-resistant material and is calculated, designed and manufactured for the specific application.



The cleaning cycle with diluted hydrochloric acid can now be used as required without shortening the service life of the heat exchanger.

Regular cleaning maintains the efficiency of the heat exchanger and thus the efficiency of the entire system.



Conclusion of the customer:

Hello Mr. Kullwitz,
The CALORPLAST tube bundle heat exchanger has been installed and has been in operation for 10 days. Conclusion: good / very good

Kudos to your calculation! The planned heat output characteristic curve is met exactly in practice.

Sickerwasser Deponie Calorplast Waermetechnik
Conceptual image of idea and innovation