Chemical industry

Heat exchangers in the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, precise temperature control of process media is a key challenge that has a decisive impact on reaction kinetics, product quality and safety. In addition to the question of pure heat transfer, other factors such as material resistance, degree of contamination of the medium and regulatory requirements also play a major role. The often corrosive and aggressive nature of many of the chemicals used makes the use of classic, metallic heat exchangers, even of the highest material quality, impossible.

Heat exchangers made of plastic, on the other hand, provide a convincing solution. They are made of corrosion-resistant materials, withstand chemical influences and maintain the purity of the media. Their non-metallic nature prevents the risk of contamination and ensures process integrity. In addition, plastics offer flexibility in design and construction and enable customized solutions for complex applications.

Advanced solution for the chemical industry

CALORPLAST is aware of these challenges and has been successfully supplying plastic heat exchangers to our partners in the chemical industry and research for decades. By prioritizing materials and with the help of our patented modular system, durability, media purity and tailor-made design are harmonized. At the same time, CALORPLAST fosters an environment for efficient, reliable and safe chemical processes that ultimately contribute to improved product quality and overall operational success.

CALORPLAST’s plastic heat exchangers offer the chemical industry an advanced solution to the challenges of temperature control in corrosive environments. They are specially designed for handling aggressive chemicals, prevent contamination and maintain media purity, resulting in higher product quality and process reliability. Their flexibility in design enables individual solutions that increase durability and reliability in chemical processes and thus contribute to efficiency and success in the chemical industry.


Anwendung von Kunststoffwärmetauschern in der Chemieindustrie
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