Tube Plate Heat Exchanger

CALORPLAST plastic tube plate heat exchanger

The CALORPLAST plastic tube plate heat exchanger is an external heat exchanger that efficiently heats or cools low-viscosity media. The globally unique design combines the best properties of a conventional plate heat exchanger with the unique CALORPLAST technology. The tube plate heat exchanger is used wherever high transfer rates with complete corrosion resistance in a compact design are required.

Thanks to the full technical plastic design, high-purity media, acids, salt solutions and even waste water can be heated and cooled. Thanks to the high efficiency of the design, the heat exchanger can also be used for heat recovery from released process heat. The range of applications is therefore broad: from surface technology, the chemical and semiconductor industry, cooling of battery acid and electrolytes to seawater aquariums, CALORPLAST has been supplying tube plate heat exchangers for all requirements for decades.

What particularly characterises the CALORPLAST plastic tube plate heat exchanger is its unique modular design. Individual “tube plates” are joined together to form a double-walled plastic pressure vessel and welded together without the use of additional materials.As a result, it offers outstanding design flexibility and reliability.

Different internal flow paths can be realised by arranging the plates differently in the tube plate package. Performance and pressure loss are thus precisely adjusted according to our computer simulation.This always results in the most cost-effective and reliable solution for your application.