Heat exchanger from the biogas series

When biomass is fermented in digesters, numerous aggressive and corrosive by-products such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, etc. are produced in addition to the target product methane. In order to make the resulting methane technically usable, the biogas must first be purified and dried.
Various system sizes can be equipped with CALORPLAST heat exchangers from the biogas range. The proven CALORPLAST technology is also used here:
The biogas heat exchanger is installed directly in the existing biogas pipelines and the moist gas flows around a large number of corrosion-free plastic tubes through which a cooling medium flows. The water condenses with its corrosive components from the raw biogas and is thus kept away from the CHP unit.

The advantages of our biogas heat exchangers are:

– Simple, direct installation in existing systems thanks to compact and lightweight design

– Complete plastic design guarantees absolute freedom from corrosion

– Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to modular, open design

Lightweight construction – modular design

CALORPLAST biogas heat exchangers are ideal for the fermentation of biomass in digesters to handle aggressive and corrosive by-products such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. Their plastic construction guarantees corrosion resistance and enables efficient gas cleaning and drying. The heat exchangers adapt to different system sizes and are easy to integrate into existing systems. Their compact, lightweight construction, combined with a simple, modular design, facilitates cleaning and maintenance and makes them an effective solution in the biogas sector.

CALORPLAST Wärmetauschern aus der Biogas-Reihe können verschiedene Anlagengrößen ausgestattet werden
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