Urban Mining

Heat exchangers in urban mining

Urban mining takes the approach of considering man-made waste products as a source of raw materials and aims to recover the valuable raw materials they contain and make them reusable. It is not a completely separate approach from waste management, but complements it and also has overlaps with the production and consumption sectors.

The processes for extracting secondary raw materials are as diverse and wide-ranging as the underlying sources of the waste products. However, in order to make the secondary products usable again, they have to be isolated and refined, which often means using aggressive and usually corrosive process media.

Process media effectively and efficiently heated, cooled and otherwise conditioned

These process media can be effectively and efficiently heated, cooled and otherwise conditioned with CALORPLAST heat exchangers, products manufactured entirely from plastic to the highest quality standards. With the unique, modular design, the best solutions are found for every process step, from pre-treatment and storage in storage containers to direct contact with the secondary raw materials used.

Our heat exchangers play a key role in urban mining by enabling the efficient treatment of secondary raw materials. The products are ideal for handling aggressive, corrosive process media used in the recovery of raw materials from waste products. Thanks to their modular design, they can be customized for every step of the urban mining process, from pre-treatment to direct contact with secondary raw materials. This promotes effective and efficient recycling, supports sustainability and contributes to the success of urban mining.

Bild zu Urban Mining -  verfolgt als Ansatz die Betrachtung menschengemachter Abfallprodukte als Rohstoffquelle und will die darin enthaltenen, wertvollen Rohstoffe zurückgewinnen und wieder verwendbar machen.
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