Heat exchangers in aquaristics

Plastic heat exchangers are important components in marine aquariums and breeding stations for aquatic organisms. The corrosive nature of salt water requires corrosion-resistant materials, while sensitive organisms in nurseries and marine aquariums require a metal ion-free environment.
Precise temperature control is essential for successful rearing, animal welfare and the existence of a successful ecosystem.

Integration into aquarium systems

With their modular concept and flexibility, CALORPLAST heat exchangers allow customized designs that integrate seamlessly into aquarium systems, optimizing space and functionality. The result is an environment that promotes the well-being of marine life while minimizing the challenges posed by corrosive media. The plastic heat exchangers from CALORPLAST enhance marine aquariums and underline innovation, reliability and a commitment to preserving the aquatic environment.

The plastic heat exchangers from CALORPLAST are therefore crucial for creating and maintaining a healthy seawater ecosystem. Their high corrosion resistance and freedom from metal ions ensure optimum conditions for sensitive marine animals and plants. Thanks to their unique design, they also support efficient heat regulation, which is essential for the breeding and thriving of aquatic organisms. Overall, CALORPLAST heat exchangers contribute to sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture.

Wärmetauscher in der Aquaristik mit Kunststoffwärmetauschern von Calorplast
Conceptual image of idea and innovation