Surface technology

Heat exchangers in electroplating technology

In surface technology and electroplating in particular, various baths are used in process systems for the surface treatment of components. The parameters in these baths have a significant effect on the quality of the product surface. Critical factors include acid and metal concentration, precise temperature control and efficient heat exchange, which is essential for uniform temperature distribution.

Water or steam has proven to be the most reliable and safest heating and cooling medium in this production environment. Electric heaters are not only more inefficient in operation, but can even cause chemical burns due to the way they work. reactions or fires.
CALORPLAST uses proven Immersion-Type heat exchangers that work with hot water, steam or liquid cooling media. Thanks to their large heat transfer surface, these modular plastic heat exchangers ensure optimum temperature control during heating and cooling.

The preferred choice in surface technology

Heat exchangers made entirely of plastic offer advantages over plastic-coated, metallic or ceramic units. They offer maximum operational reliability, flexibility, efficiency, ease of installation thanks to their low weight, ease of maintenance and durability. These properties make them the preferred choice in electroplating, as they guarantee impeccable process results while meeting the demanding requirements of the process media and temperatures.

In electroplating, CALORPLAST plastic heat exchangers make a significant contribution by ensuring uniform temperature distribution in the baths used for surface treatment. Their efficient heat transfer and operational reliability, combined with easy installation and maintenance, make them ideal for these specific requirements. These heat exchangers are a reliable solution for ensuring the quality of product surfaces and at the same time meeting the demanding conditions in electroplating.

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