Ventilation technology & gas treatment

Heat exchangers in ventilation technology

Effective ventilation systems face major challenges in surface treatment. The use of aggressive and corrosive media in most process steps of surface systems makes the use of conventional, metallic ventilation systems impossible. At the same time, large quantities of process air must be extracted and replaced with pre-conditioned outside air to ensure optimum working conditions and safety. Depending on the exhaust air volume, the corresponding heating requirement can account for a considerable proportion of the operating costs.

Energy recovery from the exhaust air is therefore a key way to reduce costs and achieve sustainability. The considerable heat energy it contains can be harnessed by plastic heat exchangers to preheat the outside air or process media. This not only significantly reduces the heating requirement. Reducing overall energy consumption also contributes to achieving environmental requirements and efficiency targets.

Innovative solutions for ventilation systems

CALORPLAST integrates innovative solutions into ventilation systems in the midst of these complex interrelationships. By overcoming the challenges of corrosive environments, optimizing energy recovery and reducing operating costs, CALORPLAST ensures that surface treatment processes are not only efficient and environmentally conscious, but also economically sustainable.

Our heat exchangers offer efficient solutions in ventilation technology for surface treatment systems. They enable energy recovery from exhaust air to reduce heating requirements and operating costs, and help to meet environmental regulations. Their ability to handle corrosive media makes them an economical and environmentally friendly choice for surface treatment. Their integration optimizes both energy efficiency and the sustainability of processes.

Lüftungstechnik und Gasbehandlung mit Wärmetauschern von Calorplast Wärmetechnik
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