Energy storage

Heat exchangers in energy storage

A modern energy supply cannot be guaranteed without renewable energies. One of the central key technologies is the storage of periodically generated energy in decentralized storage facilities, as well as the possibility of permanent provision on demand. Vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB) and other battery storage technologies are based on electrolyte and acid solutions. Process heat is generated during the charging and discharging of the battery storage system. This can permanently decompose the electrolyte and render it unusable. However, the process media used have corrosive properties, so that the use of classic, metallic heat exchangers is ruled out.
With CALORPLAST heat exchangers, made entirely of plastic, not only can the media used be effectively cooled and conditioned, but operational reliability and availability are also increased.

CALORPLAST products can be used for any storage concept.

With the modular concept of all CALORPLAST products, a solution can be found for every storage concept, from large container solutions to the smallest research applications. Together with a large number of project partners, we have been successfully using heat exchangers as bath coolers, liquid-liquid or air-electrolyte-based heat exchangers for many years now.

Our heat exchangers are crucial for modern energy storage systems such as vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB). They overcome the challenges of corrosive electrolyte and acid solutions and prevent the electrolyte from decomposing due to process heat. Thanks to their modular concept, they offer flexible, efficient cooling and conditioning solutions for storage concepts of any size, from large container solutions to small research applications. Their versatility in various storage technologies increases operational reliability and availability and underlines CALORPLAST’s role in sustainable energy supply.

Energiespeicherung mit Calorplast Wärmetechnik
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