CALORPLAST Wärmetechnik
Corrosion resistant heat exchangers for critical media.

Efficient solutions for heat utilisation from aggressive gases and fluids.

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Heating and cooling systems for tanks and vessels – tried and tested in thousands of applications in the electroplating industry.

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Reliable solutions for clean, safe and efficient heat transfer in manufacturing processes.

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Innovative solutions for individual problems.

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Our Products

Plastic immersion-type
heat exchanger

CALORPLAST plastic immersion-type heat exchangers are suitable for heating and cooling highly concentrated anorganic acids, high-purity media or aggressive…

Plastic gas-liquid heat exchanger

The CALORPLAST plastic gas-liquid heat exchanger is a recuperator for heat transfer from a gaseous medium to a…

Plastic shell and tube heat exchanger

The CALORPLAST plastic shell and tube heat exchanger is an external heat exchanger in a classic design for…

Plastic tube plate exchanger

The CALORPLAST plastic tube plate heat exchanger is an external heat exchanger for the heat transfer between low-viscosity fluids…

Plastic gas-gas heat exchanger

The CALORPLAST Plastic Gas-Gas Heat Exchanger is a completely new and innovative recuperator for heat transfer between two gases…

For more than 25 years we from CALORPLAST have been providing the best products and consulting services for heat transfer and heat recovery under corrosive conditions, helping our customers to maintain the productivity of their processes, to lower production costs and increase the sustainability of their companies.

– Dirk Kullwitz, Managing Director –

Stainless steel immersion type heat exchanger

CALORPLAST stainless steel immersion type heat exchangers type CALORMET are suitable for heating and cooling of corrosive media in process tanks.

Plastic Heatexchanger Evolution Series

With state-of-the-art technologies the CALORPLAST Evolution series plastic heat exchanger is more compact and powerful.