Strip staining

Case study no. 15:
Strip staining


Initial situation

Strip pickling is used for electroplating wires or thin metal plates. The material to be electroplated is pulled over belts in a continuous process and covered with the reactive chemical. This is usually done by spraying. The chemical flows and drips into a collecting basin under the belts. This is where the temperature control of the chemical must take place.



Task definition

In order to work as efficiently as possible and to save chemicals, the collecting basins are very low. An average tank height is around 0.5 m. The use of electrical exchangers should be avoided due to the risk of fire. There is enough space in the tank for plastic exchangers, but they must also be easy to remove if cleaning is required. Each tank size must be taken into account. Existing systems also require individual solutions.



For low bath heights, we offer the internal Calorplast plastic Immersion-Type heat exchanger as a horizontal version. This makes it possible to temper the tank using hot water or a refrigeration machine. Customer-specific solutions are designed and produced by us in consultation with the customer.



Replace electric immersion heaters by using horizontal Calorplast Immersion-Type heat exchangers in existing systems. This saves the customer insurance premiums and provides a very easy-to-use product


Bandbeizen mit Calorplast Wärmetechnik
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