Case study no. 14:

Initial situation

Many fish and anemones do not like metal ions in their environment. At the same time, the freshwater or salt water in display aquariums must be tempered, as energy is introduced through lighting and circulation of the water, which increases the water temperature.



Task definition

Heat exchangers are required for cooling or heating that do not release metal ions and are corrosion-resistant to seawater.



Calorplast plastic heat exchangers made of polyethylene PE and polyethylene with increased temperature resistance PE-RT are resistant to seawater. The heat exchanger can be integrated externally into the circulation line as a tube plate heat exchanger or tube bundle heat exchanger, or placed in the service tank next to the filter as a Immersion-Type heat exchanger. The Immersion-Type heat exchanger in particular has a modular design and can be adapted to existing service tanks.


Numerous aquariums have been using Calorplast heat exchangers made of polyethylene PE to control the temperature of their tanks for many years. Calorplast AquaZoo heat exchanger.ventilation systems

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