Heat exchanger – Vanadium Redox Flow

Efficient temperature control of the vanadium electrolyte solution is one of the key technologies in the development and operation of vanadium redox flox batteries (VRFB). CALORPLAST’s highly adaptable, modular concept enables all customer requirements for cooling battery electrolytes to be met. The direct integration of the bath heat exchanger into the electrolyte storage system simplifies the cooling concept of the overall system and makes the battery storage system more cost-effective. In cooperation with our experienced engineers, we can customize suspension, piping and connections according to customer requirements for quick installation and easy maintenance.


– Possible materials: PE-RT, PP, PVDF
– Permissible operating temperatures -30 to +140 °C (depending on the choice of material)
– Permissible operating pressure 3 to 16 bar (depending on the choice of material and operating temperature)
– Pressure loss: 50 – 500 mbar (approx.)


– High cooling and heating capacity

– Flexible and compact design

– Maximum corrosion resistance

– Safe heating medium

– Highest hydraulic efficiency

– Easy maintenance and cleaning

– 30 years of experience