Heat exchangers in fish farming

Case study no. 9:
Heat exchangers in fish farming


Initial situation

Fish do not like metal ions. The parameters of temperature and purity play a particularly important role in the breeding of noble fish.

The use of metallic heat exchangers must be avoided.




Task definition

Heat exchangers that do not release metal ions and are corrosion-resistant to seawater are required for cooling salmon farming. The heat exchanger must be integrated into the compact KUBEHatch rearing system. The seawater for rearing the fish eggs should be cooled to 2°C.



The modular plastic Immersion-Type heat exchanger made of polyethylene with increased temperature resistance PE-RT is suspended in a compartment of the KUBEHatch compact system, through which seawater flows.

The Immersion-Type heat exchanger has an exchange surface of 90m2 with a volume of 930mm*480mm*620mm. The material is resistant to seawater and metal-free.




The KUBEHatch system has been in use for years and further systems are added regularly.

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