CALORPLAST stainless steel immersion type heat exchangers type CALORMET are suitable for heating and cooling of corrosive media in process tanks.

The use of stainless steel is specially recommended for high alkaline solutions or diluted acids and so the CALORMET stainless steel heat exchangers complete our offering in immersion type heat transfer equipment for surface technology applications.

CALORMET immersion type heat exchangers are built from standardized pipe systems for a perfect adaption to installation and process requirements. Also all connection and hook up points will be designed according to customer requirements. The pipe sections are manufactured with a fully automated welding process to combine highest quality, performance and cost efficiency.

Every Calorplast heat exchanger will be simulated with CAE programs, leading to individually optimized flow patterns for the heating and cooling media, which will be implemented through our modular design. This technology delivers in every case the most reliable and cost effective solution.

The CALORPLAST heat exchangers can be cleaned with pressured water, steam or chemicals to provide a long operation time.

Further details:

– materials: Stainless steel like 1.4301 (304), 1.4571 (316)
– working temperatures: -30 to +140 °C
– working pressure: 3 to 16 bar