Gas-liquid heat exchanger – Evolution Series

With the Evolution series of gas/water heat exchangers, CALORPLAST sets the standard for efficient heat recovery in aggressive and polluted exhaust air environments.
Through consistent further development and the use of modern materials and technologies, it has been possible to further increase the efficiency of the gas-water heat exchanger in a smaller installation space and to adapt it to current requirements.
The modular CALORPLAST concept allows seamless scalability of capacity and performance and can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of requirements. By varying the width and number of heat exchanger elements in height and air direction, both capacity (up to 80,000 m³/h exhaust air volume in one exhaust air line) and performance can be varied and determined according to customer requirements.
When used in heat recovery from aggressive or polluted exhaust air in conjunction with a closed-loop system (CCS), e.g. in surface technology, chemicals, the electronics industry, laboratories in schools, universities, research facilities and similar institutions, the CALORPLAST Evolution heat exchanger achieves heat recovery coefficients that comply with Ecodesign Directive 1253/2014 (ErP 2018).
The Calorplast heat exchanger from the Evolution series is integrated into the customer’s AHU as an individual coil, but can also be designed as a ready-to-install component with housing, cleaning device and droplet separator.
The Evolution series is not only characterized by high efficiency and a small installation space. The modular design of the individual heat exchangers consisting of discrete block units and the implementation of a consistent lightweight construction make handling, installation and operation much easier.
Individual heat exchanger blocks can be transported, installed and assembled on site by a small team. The small space requirement means that both stand-alone heat exchanger units and integration into complete AHU systems are possible.






Revolutionary design
– Unique design with innovative smooth tube geometry
– Improved water drainage for condensate and wet cooling
– Space-saving lightweight modules

Maximum flexibility
– Modular system for all applications and performance classes
– Available as a ready-to-install heat exchanger with PE/PPs housing, as a slide-in heat exchanger or individual integrable heat exchanger coils
– Replaceable, repairable and expandable

Outstanding performance
– Performance-optimized with numerical flow simulation (CFD)
– Durable and corrosion-resistant throughout, even against aggressive media
– ErP2018 compliant (performance determination confirmed by GWI Essen)