The CALORPLAST plastic gas-liquid heat exchanger is a recuperator for heat transfer from a gaseous medium to a liquid medium.

It is manufactured entirely from plastics and is used for heat recovery as well as for cooling and heating large gas flows.

Main areas of application are:

– Energy recovery from aggressive exhaust air e.g. in surface technology, chemical and electronics industries
– Cooling and heating of aggressive exhaust gases from scrubbers e.g. in drying technology, chemical metal processing, waste incineration, sewage sludge incineration, cooling air flows with groundwater, sea water applications, etc.,
– Ventilating installations in clean-room technology, as well as in plants with high demands on hygiene
– Condensation of vapors in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in the drying technology in cyclic processes and for the recovery of solvents.

The product range is based on a modular design and can be used for gas volume flows of up to 150,000 Nm3/h. Optionally the heat exchanger can be equipped with a drop collector and, for use with polluted gases, also with a cleaning-in-place system. The gas-tight casing is welded from massive plastic plates and contains a condensate collector, reinforcing ribs and flanges.

Further details:

– possible materials: PE-RT, PP, PVDF
– permissible working temperatures -30 to +140 °C (depending on the material chosen)
– reliable working pressure 3 to 16 bar (depending on the material chosen and the working temperature)
– optimal incoming flow due to collectors situated in the gas flow

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Gas cooling/heating/condensing

– Cooling, heating or drying of corrosive gas flows
– Condensing and recovery of corrosive or toxic gas components
– Energy recovery with heat pumps
– Air cooling/heating of corrosive liquids with waste gas/air


Energy Recovery

– Energy recovery in industrial HVAC systems
– Ventilation and heating of factory workshops
– Central laboratory ventilation
– Ventilation in agriculture

– Fully corrosion resistant & hygienic
– High efficiency
– Quick return on investment
– 10-20 years lifetime
– 30 years of experience