Gas-liquid heat exchanger – climatic chamber version

The use of techn. plastics not only prevents the occurrence of corrosion, but also allows use in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels with the highest technical requirements. Purity and reliability. Our heat exchangers have been used for decades in the heating, cooling and condensation of complex climate simulation chambers for material testing in the automotive, aviation and electronics industries.

– Possible materials: PE-RT, PP, PVDF
– Permissible operating temperatures -30 to +140 °C (depending on the choice of material)
– Permissible operating pressure 3 to 16 bar (depending on the choice of material and operating temperature)
– Optimum inflow due to collectors located in the gas flow

– Energy recovery in industrial ventilation systems
– Ventilation and heating of industrial production facilities
– Central ventilation of laboratories
– Ventilation and aeration in livestock farming