Immersion-Type heat exchanger – XL version

Thanks to their modular design, Calorplast bath heat exchangers can be scaled almost indefinitely and meet the highest requirements for heating or cooling capacity, which require several thousand square meters of exchange surface. Depending on the process, heating or cooling capacities of several megawatts can be achieved with extremely high heat transfer volumes and low pressure losses. This design is tried and tested in the industrial production of acids, groundwater, waste water or seawater applications and applications with heat pumps.
In cooperation with our experienced engineers, we can customize suspension, piping and connections according to customer requirements for quick installation and easy maintenance.

– Possible materials: PE-RT, PP, PVDF
– Permissible operating temperatures -30 to +140 °C (depending on the choice of material)
– Permissible operating pressure 3 to 16 bar (depending on the choice of material and operating temperature)
– Pressure loss: 50 – 500 mbar (approx.)

– High cooling and heating capacity
– Flexible and compact design
– Maximum corrosion resistance
– Safe heating medium
– Highest hydraulic efficiency
– Easy maintenance and cleaning
– 30 years of experience