The CALORPLAST plastic tube plate heat exchanger is an external heat exchanger for the heat transfer between low-viscosity fluids. The tube plate heat exchanger is suitable for clean and moderately polluted media and can be used as a heater or cooler as well as a condenser for vapours.

Plastic tube plate heat exchangers are often used in surface technology, chemical industry, biogas generation, sea water aquariums, semi-conductor and pharmaceutical industries.

This plastic heat exchanger also features a unique, modular design. Individual, so-called “tube plates” are combined into a double-walled plastic pressure container and welded without editional materials.

Using different alignments of the plates in the tube plate bundle, different flows can be implemented. For this purpose, each CALORPLAST heat exchanger is calculated and optimised in a computer-aided simulation and you will always get the most reasonably priced and reliable layout.

Cleaning is done by counter-flushing.

Further properties:

– possible materials: PE-RT, and PVDF
– working temperatures -30 to +140 °C (depending on the material chosen)
– working pressure 3 to 16 bar (depending on the material chosen and the working temperature)

Download Product-Informations:

pdf-download  Brochure Plastic Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
pdf-download  Sellsheet Plastic Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
pdf-download Inquiry Data-Sheet Liquid-Liquid Formular

In order to fill out the request form, we recommend Adobe PDF- Reader, which you may download here for free in case you don’t have it.


Tube Plate Heat Exchanger

– Closed loop external heat exchanger for free flowing liquids, both clean or low contaminated
– For heating or cooling of fluids or condensation of vapors
– Compact and completely welded design
– High heat transfer rates
– Use of thin walled tubes that minimizes the adhesion of particles
– 1 to 20 m² heat transfer surface (per column)


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– High cooling and heating efficiency
– Flexible and compact design
– Fully corrosion resistant
– Safe heat transfer medium
– Best in class flow efficiency
– 30 years of experience