CALORPLAST plastic immersion-type heat exchangers are suitable for heating and cooling of concentrated inorganic acids, high-purity media or aggressive and surface-encrusting fluids in tanks. They are important components in i.e the surface technology and the chemical industry.

CALORPLAST plastic immersion-type heat exchangers are assembled from standardized tubular modules and thus allow an optimal adaptation to customers’ specifications. All fittings and support elements will also be designed according to customers’ requirements.
The tube moduls are produced using a patented manufacturing process, ensuring a particularly small loss of pressure while providing high heating/cooling performance.
The modular design allows different flow patterns of the cooling and heating flows.

Each CALORPLAST heat exchanger is calculated and optimized in a computer-aided simulation and you will always get the most reasonably priced and reliable layout.
The heat exchangers are easy to clean with pressurized water, steam or chemicals and so provide a long operating time.

Further details:

– possible materials: PE-RT, PP and PVDF
– permissible working temperatures -30 to +140 °C (depending on the material chosen)
– reliable working pressure 3 to 16 bar (depending on the material chosen and the working temperature)

Download Product-Informations:

pdf-download  Brochure Plastic Immersion-Type Heat Exchanger
pdf-download  Sellsheet Plastic Immersion-Type Heat Exchanger
pdf-download Inquiry Data-Sheet Immersion Formular

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Gas cooling/heating/condensing

– Heating and cooling of corrosive or deposit containing fluids and high concentrated organic acids in open tanks
– Heating, cooling, condensing or evaporation of corrosive media in vessels
– Customized design from modular, pre-manufactured tube sections
– 1 to >500 m² heat transfer surface
– For use with water, steam or cooling aid


Installed Immersion type Heat-Exchanger in surface treatment installation
(Decker Anlagebau GmbH)


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– High cooling and heating efficiency
– Flexible and compact design
– Fully corrosion resistant
– Safe heat transfer medium
– Best in class flow efficiency
– Easy maintenance and cleaning
– 30 years of experience