Plastic immersion type heat exchanger

Plastic immersion type heat exchangers are important components in i.e. the surface technology and the chemical industry. The CALORPLAST plastic immersion-type heat exchangers are suitable for heating and cooling of highly concentrated anorganic acids, high-purity media or aggressive and surface-encrusting fluids in tanks and vessels.

Plastic gas-liquid heat exchanger

The CALORPLAST plastic gas-liquid heat exchanger is manufactured entirely from plastics and is used for heat recovery as well as for cooling and heating large gas flows. The heat exchanger is a recuperator for heat transfer from a gaseous medium to a liquid medium.

Plastic tube and shell heat exchanger

The plastic heat exchanger features a compact design and a very high heat transfer performance due to the use of thin-walled, non-fouling tubes. Kept in classic design the CALORPLAST plastic shell and tube heat exchanger is an external heat exchanger  for cooling, heating, condensing, or evaporating high-purity media.

Plastic tube plate heat exchanger

Plastic tube plate heat exchangers are often used in surface technology, the chemical industry, biogas generation, sea water aquariums, the semi-conductor and pharmaceutical industries.The CALORPLAST plastic tube plate heat exchanger is an external heat exchanger for the heat transfer between low-viscosity fluids.  Suitable for clean and moderately polluted media, it can be used as a heater or cooler as well as a condenser for vapours.

Plastic gas-gas heat exchanger

Entirely made from plastic material, the CALORPLAST Plastic Gas-Gas Heat Exchanger allows efficient heat recovery of polluted exhaust gases in highly acidic environments. The  Heat Exchanger is a completely new and innovative recuperator for heat transfer between two gases. Due to its solid plastic design, the risk of damaging corrosion resistant linings is completely eliminated  and guarantees long term usage of the equipment.