In many business segments, our technology is the preferred solution and at the same time, our customers continuously explore new and innovative applications with our products. Every day CALORPLAST polymer heat exchangers unite tradition and technological progress.

récupération de chaleur

CALORPLAST is specialised in creating efficient solutions for heat recovery and heat utilisation from aggressive gases and fluids and offers proven solutions for applications in a corrosive environment. Industrial processes often produce polluted gas or liquid flows, which, while carrying considerable energy, also pose a particular challenge for the selection of suitable materials.

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Water or steam have proven to be the most reliable and also safest heating and cooling media in this production environment. Under these conditions, CALORPLAST relies on the proven and tested immersion-style heat exchangers for heating and cooling, operated with warm water, vapour or a liquid cooling medium. With their large heat transfer surface, the modular heat exchangers ensure optimum temperature control.

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In a varied and innovative environment like the chemical industry there are many applications in which material flows have to be heated, cooled, or condensed indirectly. Classic metal heat exchangers, even those of top quality, often do not represent the best choice in these cases, in particular under corrosive conditions.

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nouvelles technologies

The development of new technologies always involves new technical challenges, often also relating to heat transfer. CALORPLAST is the right partner for the development of your new technologies with its existing portfolio of plastic heat exchangers and with the development of new solutions.

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